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Shipping Advice For Sending Clothes By Courier

What are my options when using a clothing courier?

When it comes to shipping clothes, Parcel2Go's postage starts from just £2.15 VAT - we're guaranteed to be the cheapest way to send a parcel in the UK!

We are the largest courier comparison site in the UK and also offer international shipping options. The shipping and delivery of clothing items must be approached with care to prevent any damage and to ensure they get to their destination in one piece.

When considering a suitable clothing courier service, take into account the following:

  • Different types and sizes of clothing - how many clothing items are you sending and are these delicate? Are you also sending shoes or boots which require larger delivery options? Carefully measure and weigh your items to find the best courier option.

  • Package them carefully - boots and shoes should be packaged in sturdy cardboard boxes, such as the original shoe box, while smaller items of clothing such as sweatshirts, hoodies or tops can be packaged in softer packaging such as garment bags or plastic and poly shipping bags.

  • Delivery options - if getting items to your recipient quickly is important, we offer both same day and next day delivery options. If you are sending valuable items such as designer clothing, or posting clothes as a gift, then recorded delivery is a good option to ensure it is signed for on arrival. Prohibited items. Before you send your clothing, ensure they're allowed for shipping (view our list of restricted items)

Selling Clothes Online

Make money from your old clothing and support second hand fashion by selling your items through Parcel2Go! We offer the best shipping rates so you can sell your clothes quickly and easily, whether you send items often through marketplaces like Depop or need to send clothing as a gift through the post.

Need advice on choosing an online platform to sell clothes? Check out our Vinted Vs Depop Guide alongside our guide on using the clothing app Twig and advice on selling unwanted clothing items.

Are you a clothing seller or business and send clothes in the post often? Then be sure to check out Smart Send, our business shipping solution which integrates with all major business platforms including Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and more!

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Selling & Shipping Second-Hand Clothes

Whether you’re clearing out your wardrobe or running a small business, shipping second-hand clothing is easy and convenient. Our postage starts from just £2.15 exc VAT, making Parcel2Go the cheapest option for parcel delivery in the UK.

New to selling second-hand clothing online or not sure which marketplace to choose? See our advice on choosing the right online platform to sell clothes, including:

When packaging your clothing items, consider the variety of pieces you’re sending. Smaller items like sweatshirts or hoodies can be sent in soft garment bags, while shoes should be shipped in their original boxes to ensure protection. 

And if you’re sending regularly, our free Smart Send service gives you access to the cheapest shipping rates in the UK. It takes just seconds to seamlessly integrate with platforms like eBay and Etsy, streamlining your shipping process and saving you time when selling and shipping clothes.

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Convenient Pick Up and Drop Off Services

We offer many delivery service options, including parcel collection and drop off delivery. With many pick up services and drop off locations near you, you can choose the most convenient option for you!

Small, Large and Heavy Parcels

Small parcels, large packages or heavy items aren't a problem for our couriers - we can handle any non-prohibited items of many sizes, shapes and weight! Use our quick quote tool to find out more.

Free Parcel Tracking Included

We offer free parcel tracking with every delivery you book through Parcel2Go. When you book through our quick quote tool, parcel tracking is included as standard, so you can have peace of mind on where your parcel is on each step of its journey.

International Shipping

We also have international parcel delivery options for sending clothing abroad. Please check the prohibited items section and the country restrictions for more when booking online with Parcel2Go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to send clothes through the post?

To ship clothing items, it’s important to ensure the items are clean and folded. Then, securely pack them in a clear plastic bag, followed by placing them in a durable mailing envelope or box. Choose a reliable courier experienced in transporting clothing. Use a cardboard box for larger items, such as shoes and jackets.

When sending clothes as a gift, opting for recorded delivery can help ensure your package is delivered securely.

How much does it cost to post clothes?

Shipping clothing items can vary depending on several factors including: destination and origin, size and weight of the package and courier, but using Parcel2go ensures competitive rates.

If you want to find out exactly how much to send clothing internationally, simply get a quote above! Prices start from just £2.15.

How to post clothes?

First, ensure that they are clean and neatly folded. Then, use a clear plastic bag for an additional layer of protection and place the clothes in a poly mailer or a sturdy box for more substantial items. Ensure the package is well-sealed with tape. If the clothes are valuable, consider using recorded delivery for added security.