How To Package Clothes For Shipping

If you’re wondering how to post clothes you’ve sold on Depop or Vinted, we have all the answers you need. Read on to discover what packaging works best and how you can save money.

What is the best packaging for shipping clothes?

One of the most popular ways of shipping clothes is in a poly mailer. A poly mailer is a simple plastic envelope that's usually sealed with a self-adhesive strip.

Poly mailers are cheap, lightweight, and easy to use. They’re great for keeping your clothes clean and dry too which makes them a popular packaging for selling clothes on sites like eBay, Vinted or Grailed.

Red jumper in a silver poly mailer bag

How do you package clothes for postage?

Unless you’re posting clothes with delicate embellishments, you won’t need a padded poly mailer — a standard postage bag will do.

It’s easy to post clothes, but if you want great feedback from your customers, you’ll need to package them well.

Want to win 5-star feedback for your packaging? We recommend folding each item of clothing neatly, then wrapping them in a piece of tissue paper before placing them in the poly mailer. This will give your clothing an extra layer of protection that will help prevent creases.

Top Tip: Attach your shipping labels to the bag before you put your clothing in your poly mailer. This will make sure the label is secure on the bag. Always make sure you seal it well too. If the bag doesn’t have a self-seal edge, use plenty of tape!

Should you ship clothes in a box or bag?

If you’re sending just a few items, then a bag will be fine, but if you’re posting bulky clothes, then a cardboard box is best.

If you’re shipping clothes in a box, just fold them neatly and either wrap them in tissue paper or bubble wrap to give them a bit of protection during transit.

What kind of bag can I ship clothes in?

Postage bags are easy to find in the Post Office or stationery shops. You can also find a range of bags suitable for posting clothes on sites like Amazon and Grailed.

How do I package clothes for Vinted?

These are the top tips for packaging for selling clothes on Vinted:

  • Make sure your packaging is the right size for the item. You'll also want to make sure it weighs the same as the packaging specified on your listing so you don't have to pay for extra postage. Vinted won’t refund any additional shipping costs you incur.
  • Make sure your packaging is strong and secure
  • Choose a box if you can
  • Protect your clothing from dirt and dampness with an extra layer inside the box or bag
  • Attach your delivery labels and barcodes securely

What’s the cheapest way to post clothes?

At Parcel2Go we work with dozens of different couriers to offer you some of the UK’s cheapest delivery quotes for shipping clothes.

If you’re shipping light clothing, you could look at the letter-box friendly service by Evri Postable which starts from just £2.15 exc VAT per parcel.

Get a quote today and see how much you could save by shipping clothes with Parcel2Go.

And if you’re shipping in bulk or selling clothes on several marketplaces, take a look at Smart Send – our free shipping management tool that allows you to ship across a variety of sales channels and through a range of couriers from one easy-to-use dashboard.


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