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No More Lost in Transit Excuses from your Aylesbury Courier Services Supplier
In the past it was a common occurrence, when querying the whereabouts of a late Aylesbury parcel delivery, to simply be told that your important items had been ‘lost in transit’. The abilities of the postal service or carrier to actually pinpoint the location of a parcel, at any given time, was very limited and you simply had to wait for the package to appear (or not as the case may have been). Today, with the introduction of sophisticated systems, procedures and handling technologies, the picture is quite different.
From the moment of pick up, where your parcel and it’s status are logged through a handheld device into the scheduling system, right through to the collected acceptance signature at its destination, progress is logged at each stage in the delivery cycle using bar code and RFID tagging and tracking so that the instances of lost parcels have become extremely rare. Indeed many losses are caused by poor packaging, where the item becomes separated from its ID.
Even better, you the customer are able to access this information and follow the progress of your parcel to Aylesbury or to anywhere in the world giving you confidence and that extra peace of mind. For business customers, who are shipping goods to customers, this information has become a key component in managing your own customers’ expectations and resolving issues in real time.
At, all of our suppliers – including CityLink, Parcelforce, HDNL, Fedex, TNT and UPS – offer tracking facilities which are available through our single gateway across all routes and service types. This makes it easy to follow complex consignments to any of our domestic or overseas destinations.
With our Quick Quote system allowing you instant access to discounted Aylesbury parcel delivery rates from our carriers and a simple one step booking process, we have removed the hassle out of the process whilst at the same time giving you some of the best Aylesbury courier services rates in the business.
With help available online and our dedicated, UK based courier services Aylesbury team on hand to offer advice on any aspect of our portfolio, we offer a single point of contact for our customers whether you are sending a single parcel to Aylesbury or a complex, mixed shipment to any of our 240 overseas destinations.
As the UK’s number one Aylesbury couriers for local, national and international parcel delivery, we pride ourselves on our value, quality and customer care and focus on giving you, the customer, the very best Aylesbury courier services each and every time you choose us. more

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