Yodel Direct Courier FAQs

Shipping with Yodel Direct through Parcel2Go is now the cheapest way to send a parcel in the UK! Starting from just £2.19 exc VAT, if you’re on a budget, Yodel Direct is the courier for you.

Have a question about our Yodel delivery services? Check out our handy list of Yodel FAQs with details on delivery times, service types, and more.


What Types of Delivery Services Does Yodel Direct Offer?

We offer a variety of Yodel Direct drop off services including Economy and NI (Northern Ireland) delivery services. There are over 10,000 Yodel Direct drop off points around the UK, so finding your local drop shop is easy.

When you book a delivery with Yodel Direct, your parcel is usually delivered within 2-3 working days and you can send up to 10kg per parcel (that’s the equivalent of 10 bottles of wine or a worn car tyre!)

Booking with Yodel Direct is a great way to save money on fast deliveries and we offer free Yodel Direct tracking on all of the courier’s services.


Do Yodel Direct Deliver on Sundays or Bank Holidays?

Currently, Yodel Direct couriers don't deliver on Sundays or bank holidays.

The good news is that because Yodel Direct offers drop off services, you can drop your Yodel Direct parcels off on a Sunday or bank holiday if your drop shop is open on that day. The courier will then just collect your parcel the next working day, but it means you can get your bit done early.

If you need a fast delivery, we do offer other weekend delivery services - find out more information on weekend delivery.


What Times do Yodel Deliver?

Yodel Direct’s delivery times are between 8am and 6pm. These are also the times between which Yodel Direct couriers will collect parcels from their drop off points, but you can drop off your parcel at any time of the day.

For more specific delivery times, you can track your parcel’s whereabouts for free with Parcel2Go.

Please note that this excludes weekends and bank holidays.


How Late do Yodel Deliver?

Yodel will attempt to deliver your parcel before 6pm through Monday to Friday.


Can you ship internationally with Yodel Direct?

Though Yodel Direct is primarily a UK service, you can ship internationally to Ireland with Yodel Direct NI or ship internationally with Yodel Direct Collect+, an efficient and cheap way for Collect+ customers to send international parcels up to 10 kg.

Yodel Direct delivers to almost all areas of the UK that are difficult to reach, including the Scottish Highlands and islands surrounding the UK such as the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight. Your parcel might just take 1 extra day to get to its destination.

To see how much it would cost you to send a parcel with Yodel Direct, get a quote today.


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