InPost Courier FAQs

InPost is an affordable and eco-friendly solution to parcel delivery. With over 7,000 InPost lockers and 1,500 shops around the UK, you can use InPost UK 24 hours a day from only £2.75 exc VAT. And at Parcel2Go, we offer InPost tracking on any parcel sent with this convenient courier.

And if you have a question about InPost, we’ve got the answer. Check out our FAQs below before you send your parcel!


InPost Lockers


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What is InPost?

InPost is an automated parcel locker service that is available 24/7 throughout the UK and in Europe. InPost is convenient and allows for flexible drop off and parcel delivery.

You can drop your parcel off at an InPost locker any time of day, any day of the week. From there, your parcel will be collected, and delivered by InPost’s courier partner, Yodel. You can expect your parcel to reach its destination within 2-4 days after drop off.


How to use an InPost locker?

Simply book your delivery through Parcel2Go’s quick quote tool where you can also find your nearest InPost locker.

We’ll send you a drop off code that lets you open your InPost locker and deposit your parcel.

InPost lockers get emptied regularly, Monday-Saturday. So your parcel will be collected from your locker within the next working day and delivered within 24 hours.


How often are InPost lockers emptied?

Typically, InPost lockers are cleared daily, but this may vary depending on the locker’s location and parcel volume. This is to ensure that lockers remain available for new parcels and that outgoing parcels are processed quickly. Find your nearest available InPost locker today!


What do I do if my InPost locker is full?

If the InPost locker you want to use is full, you can check other nearby lockers using the InPost Locker Finder Tool. Alternatively, you can now drop your InPost parcels in-store at over 1,500 available shops across the UK! This makes sure that even if your nearest InPost locker is full, you can still send your parcel.


How big are InPost lockers?

InPost lockers come in three sizes: small (8 x 38 x 64cm), medium (19 x 38 x 64cm), and large (41 x 38 x 64cm). This variety accommodates different parcel sizes, but ensure your parcel does not exceed the dimensions for the large size.


Can you drop Evri parcels at InPost lockers?

Yes, you can drop Evri parcels at some InPost lockers. Ensure you follow the correct process for shipping with Evri and use the appropriate label. However, you cannot drop an Evri parcel at an InPost shop.


InPost Labels


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Do InPost Lockers print labels?

No, InPost Lockers do not print labels. You'll need to print your shipping labels at home or a place of your choosing before dropping your parcel off.


Where can I print an InPost label?

You should print your InPost label at home or a place of your choosing as InPost does not provide printing facilities at their lockers.


InPost Parcel Delivery


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How long does InPost take?

Once your parcel has been collected from the InPost locker, it will be delivered within 48 hours. Depending on when you drop your parcel off, you can expect it to reach its destination within 2-3 days of depositing the package into the locker.


Does InPost deliver to home?

Yes, InPost home delivery picks up your parcel from your chosen locker and delivers your package to either another InPost locker near to your recipient or directly to their address.

If you need to intercept an InPost delivery after you’ve already deposited your parcel into a locker, our support team might be able to generate the reference number for you to help you to access and retrieve back the goods. See our advice on how to intercept a parcel.

Why is my InPost parcel being returned?

An InPost parcel may be returned for several reasons, such as incorrect address details, failure to collect the parcel from the locker within the specified time or if the locker was full and the parcel could not be deposited.


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