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About Facebook Shipping

Social media site Facebook has a specific sales platform called Facebook Marketplace. This allows you to sell homeware, clothes, cars and more directly to Facebook users. You can list your items on your own profile, page and on group pages to extend your reach.

To start selling, all you need to do is create a new listing for your item. Facebook Marketplace delivery is simple to sort with Parcel2Go - just use our quick quote tool to find express and economy shipping from couriers such as Evri and DPD. Facebook Marketplace delivery doesn’t have to cost the world - you can get cheap shipping for items such as bikes, guitars and books with us in just a few clicks. Best of all, you get free global parcel tracking with every delivery.

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UK Services

Sending items you’ve sold through Facebook Marketplace is easy with us. No matter the size of your parcel - large or small - you can book Facebook Marketplace postage to the UK and beyond with Parcel2Go’s network of brilliant couriers. Wondering what services we have on offer? Just enter your details into our quick quote tool and select from pick up or drop off services to match your schedule.

Drop-off Services

Congratulations on selling your items through Facebook Marketplace - now you need to ship! Wondering if you can drop off your parcel at a parcelshop local to you? Don’t worry - with our connections to well-known couriers, you’ve got plenty of options for parcel drop off services.

Find your local parcelshop using our quick quote tool.

Super-fast Delivery

Your Facebook Marketplace delivery can be made super fast with our courier services. Need quick next day delivery? We’re on it! Just put your parcel details into our quick quote tool and find a service that gets your items to your buyer in no time at all. Best of all, we offer you cheap postage prices - what’s not to like?

International Services

Facebook Marketplace postage to other countries is a breeze when you use the courier services we offer through Parcel2Go. We have express, economy and super economy shipping services to countries all over the world thanks to our brilliant courier partners. Get your items to international buyers in mere days - book your delivery for Facebook buyers now with our quick quote tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ship items on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can ship items for Facebook Marketplace. However, this is not facilitated by Facebook in the UK - instead, you’ll need to contact the buyer and arrange a courier booking outside of the platform. You can book a courier and send your buyer the details - your shipping costs, if you want your buyer to pay them, will have to be included in the listing price. Facebook Marketplace delivery can be booked through Parcel2Go - try our quick quote tool and see for yourself!

Does Facebook Marketplace charge fees for shipping?

Facebook Marketplace doesn’t charge fees for shipping, as this service is not facilitated through the UK platform. However, you can charge a fee for shipping an item - just include the price in your listing price for the item you plan to ship. You can then use Parcel2Go for your parcel delivery!

How to set up delivery on Facebook Marketplace?

To set up delivery on Facebook Marketplace in the UK, you’ll need to include your shipping costs in your listed price and state that you will arrange private delivery. Once your buyer has paid, you can arrange a courier for your Facebook Marketplace shipping.

Is buying on Facebook Marketplace easy?

Buying on Facebook Marketplace is extremely easy! All you need to do is message the seller about the listing and agree on delivery terms.

Can you get scammed on Facebook Marketplace shipping?

As a buyer, you might encounter sellers that request payment for shipping but do not send the item. Trust your judgement on whether an item seems too good to be true, or whether a seller seems to be legitimate.

How not to get scammed on Facebook Marketplace?

To avoid being scammed, don’t pay for shipping as a buyer if the seller has not made the shipping terms clear on the Facebook Marketplace listing. If you’re not sure about the seller or the listing’s authenticity, do not send money to the seller.

As a seller, make sure you’re organising Facebook Marketplace delivery through a reputable courier service, such as those offered through Parcel2Go.