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Shipping Advice For Sending Bikes By Courier

What are my collection and delivery options when using a bike courier?

The shipping and delivery of bikes needs to be approached with care. By selecting a reliable courier service to collect your bikes and transport them safely to their destination, you are ensuring that your bike will be delivered in the same condition it was sent.

When considering a suitable bike courier service, take into account the following:

  • Package them securely - it is often required to take your bike apart in order to ship it. It's important to safely do this and then add plastic bubble wrap around the frame along with packaging peanuts to fill any empty spaces. Need more guidance? Check out or article on how to ship a bike by courier.

  • Delivery options - many couriers will deliver bikes as long as the parcel fits within their weight and height dimensions. Book a bike courier today and find the cheapest prices with Parcel2Go by comparing couriers. Please ensure to have your parcel dimensions ready when booking for a speedier process

  • Prohibited items - Before you dispatch your bikes or any related accessories, ensure they are allowed for shipping (view our list of restricted items).

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Convenient Pick Up and Drop Off Services

We offer many delivery service options, including parcel collection and drop off delivery. With many pick up services and drop off locations near you, you can choose the most convenient option for you!

Small, Large and Heavy Parcels

Small items or heavy parcels aren't a problem for our couriers - we can handle any non-prohibited items of a large range of sizes, shapes or weight! Use our quick quote tool to find out more.

Free Parcel Tracking Included

We offer free parcel tracking with every delivery you book through Parcel2Go. When you book through our quick quote tool, parcel tracking is included as standard, so you can have peace of mind on where your parcel is on each step of its journey.

International Shipping

We also have international parcel delivery options for sending bikes abroad. Please check the prohibited items section and the country restrictions for more when booking online with Parcel2Go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to post a bike

To send a bike, first disassemble any detachable parts and then pack it in its original box or a durable bike box. Choose a courier experienced in transporting bikes using our quote tool. Whether you're planning to sell your old bike or simply gifting one to a friend, our guide on sending a bike by courier is here to help.

When sending a bike as a gift, opting for recorded delivery can help ensure it is delivered securely.

How much does it cost to ship a bike internationally?

Shipping a bike internationally can vary depending on several factors including: destination and origin, size and weight of the bike, packaging, and courier. Carefully measure and weigh your parcel to get the correct dimensions, and then simply use our Quick Quote tool to find the best price.

How much to post a bike?

The cost varies by courier, but using Parcel2Go ensures competitive rates with quality service. Prices start from just £2.15