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Shipping Advice For Sending Guitars By Courier

What are my collection and delivery options when using a guitar courier?

Choosing a reliable courier service to collect your guitar and deliver it safely to its destination is instrumental in ensuring it arrives safely. Keep in mind the following when considering a guitar courier service for your instrument:

  • Package your instrument carefully - always use a sturdy case, including the original guitar case, given the fragile nature of the instrument. Carefully fill any gaps with packafing foam and foam pellets, bubble wrap and packaging tape where needed to ensure the item won't shift too much in the box and cause damage. It's also worth loosening strings to lessen the risk of them snapping if they are too tight.

  • Delivery options - it's easy to find our which courier will ship guitars and guitar cases, simply measure and weigh your case in its protective parcel and then use our quote tool to find and compare prices from all couriers.

  • Prohibited items - prior to dispatching your guitar(s), ensure they're allowed for shipping (view our list of restricted items).

Convenient Pick Up and Drop Off Services

We offer many delivery service options, including parcel collection and drop off delivery. With many pick up services and drop off locations near you, you can choose the most convenient option for you!

Parcels of Any Size and Weight Covered

Small, big or heavy parcels aren't a problem for our couriers - we can handle any non-prohibited items of many sizes, shapes and weight! Use our quick quote tool to find out more.

Free Parcel Tracking Included

We offer free parcel tracking with every delivery you book through our courier services. We don't like to leave you wondering where your returned items are - so book through our quick quote tool and know we place great importance on your parcel security and your peace of mind.

International Shipping

We also have international parcel delivery options for sending guitars abroad. Please check the prohibited items section and the country restrictions for more when booking online with Parcel2Go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to post a guitar?

To send a guitar in the post, it’s recommended to first loosen the strings to relieve tension and then securely pack it in its original case or a protective bag. Finally, choose a courier experienced in handling musical instruments using our quote tool.

When sending a guitar as a present, adding recorded delivery can help ensure it is delivered securely.

How much to post a guitar overseas?

Shipping guitars abroad can vary depending on several factors including destination and origin, size and type of the guitar, and the courier, but using Parcel2Go ensures competitive rates with quality service. Carefully measure and weigh your parcel to get the correct dimensions, and then simply use our Quick Quote tool to find the best price.

How to send a guitar in the post?

First detune the strings to reduce tension. Then secure it in a hard case padded with bubble wrap, and place it in a sturdy box with foam padding to prevent movement. Seal with packaging tape and label as fragile.