What’s the Best Way to Send a Large or Heavy Parcel?

If you're looking to send a large parcel, you'll find a range of couriers to choose from when you book with us! Get a free quote and select the best service for you.

At Parcel2Go we work with lots of cheap and reliable couriers, but if the item you want to send is large, heavy or awkward, your options are much more limited. You might have concerns about packaging, dropping your heavy parcel off, and not wanting to pay more for postage than the item cost you in the first place!

Let’s look at some commonly sent large items and how you can package them for sending.


Sending a Bike by Post

Transporting a bike yourself can be difficult, especially if you’re not travelling by car. Whether you’re gifting it for Christmas, selling it, or transporting it to university with you, it might surprise you that using a large parcel delivery service could be the easiest option.

Read more on posting a bike by courier and learn which couriers can ship your bike, how to package a bike safely and how much it will cost!

If you use Parcel2Go to send a bike, you can track your parcel for its entire journey which we know is really important if you’ve splashed out on a good quality bike.

Use Evri Light and Large to ship bikes up to 30kg in weight or get a quote to compare courier services.



Sending Furniture by Post

Moving homes? Redecorating? Becoming a Facebook Marketplace professional?

If you need to ship a big heavy parcel like an armchair or a sofa, you’ll need to make sure it is fully insured and will arrive undamaged. Luckily, you can get up to £10,000 protection on your parcel when you book with Parcelforce Large.

With Parcelforce, you can send packages weighing up to 70kg in weight and 2.5m in length, so you won't have to stress about your parcel being too bulky to post. See more of our advice on shipping furniture when moving house.



Sending White Goods by Post

White goods are domestic electrical items such as dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines. They’re awkward to move around the house, nevermind to ship across the country, which is why you need a good reliable carrier to do it for you.

If you’re moving homes, you might also need these kinds of shipments to arrive quickly. We offer speedy delivery on all large and heavy parcels. Simply book your delivery and have your parcel arrive as early as the next day!



Send a Large Parcel Abroad

If you need to send a parcel overseas, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of international couriers. You can send large parcels internationally with couriers such as FedEx Express, TNT and UPS.

So whether you’re moving abroad or selling large and bulky items, shipping with Parcel2Go means you can send up to 70kg around the world.


How to Package a Large Item for Shipping?

Here are our tips for wrapping a large or heavy parcel:

  • You should use a strong box with lots of bubble wrap or similar material in gaps to protect your item.
  • It can be a good idea to double or triple box your item, but if you don’t have enough boxes large enough then you could use flat pieces of cardboard on the inside to reinforce the sides of your box - the aim is to make packaging as strong as possible.
  • Band or wrap your box with strapping or film, making sure to pull the wrapping taut so it doesn’t slip off your box. You can buy strapping here.
  • Tape the edges as well as openings. If a box is to break it will normally be at the edges so it’s important to make sure you’ve taken every measure to prevent this.
  • Don’t use a box too big for your item because if your item has room to move around, it could get damaged. You can find a range of large sized boxes at a reasonable price here.
  • If your item is fragile, use fragile tape or put a ‘Fragile’ label clearly visible on the outside of your box.



What happens if my parcel is heavier than declared?

If your parcel exceeds the declared size or weight, the courier might impose an extra fee. Find out the different types of charges or how to dispute a charge here.



Sending a large and heavy parcel has never been easier with Parcel2Go. Use a reliable courier at a cheap price. Get your quote today.

If you are planning to ship something even heavier than the above items, such as a mattress or wheels & tyres, then pallet delivery may be the most suitable option. 

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