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Find your nearest Drop Off point for TikTok parcels

Drop your TikTok Shop parcels off at any local drop off point. Simply enter your town or postcode below and search for your most convenient location.

About TikTok Shop 

Video sharing social media site TikTok lets you sell to customers directly via Shoppable Videos,  LIVE shopping events and through your own in-app Store Front. You can start selling products once you’ve signed up to the app, filled out an application form and (once approved) set up your store. 

We can help you book TikTok global shipping in just a few steps. Enter your details into our quick quote tool and see how you can book quick and cheap courier services through our reputable network of courier partners, including DPD and Parcelforce. With our free TikTok global shipping tracking, it’s easy to keep an eye on your goods. 

Planning on TikTok shipping? We can help you there too. Read on to find out more!

UK Services

TikTok courier services are at your fingertips - just enter your items’ details into our quick quote tool. TikTok shipping can be cost-effective when you book through us -  our fantastic courier partners are able to take care of your TikTok global shipping, no matter where your parcel needs to go.

See the range of services on offer now and get pick up and drop off services to match your needs! 

Drop-off Services

Do you need to find TikTok delivery companies that have parcelshops near you? We can help! We work with the world’s leading courier services, meaning you’ve got thousands of options for parcel drop off services.

You can see your local parcelshop options when you book through our quick quote tool - have a look now.

Super-fast Delivery

Looking for TikTok shipping providers that give you super-fast delivery? Look no further! We’ve got next day delivery and other express options for you to choose from to get your items to their recipient faster than fast.

Check out our TikTok shipping providers when you enter your details into our quick quote tool and get booking sorted in minutes.

International Services

TikTok global shipping is easier than ever - we’ve got courier partners that have years of experience delivering parcels of all size to countries all over the world. We can offer you express and economy TikTok shipping to suit your budget and your time frame. Don’t spend hours searching - just use our quick quote tool to find TikTok shipping with tracking.


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Get Started with a Parcel2Go Business Account

To be eligible for a Parcel2Go Business Account, you need to send at least 25 parcels a week. Make sure you know each courier's parcel thresholds here…

Why choose Parcel2Go?

When you book your Tiktok parcel delivery service through Parcel2Go you can rest assured that your goods will get from A to B without a hitch. Parcel2Go's couriers have a proven track record of reliability, unrivalled tracking service and - when you book through Parcel2Go - you'll get the lowest postage prices alongside our renowned quality of care. Make sure you choose Parcel2Go shipping for a first-rate service.

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