Attention TikTok Shop Sellers - From April 15th, you must use one of TikTok's approved couriers to ship your items.
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TikTok Parcel Tracking

You can track your TikTok parcel delivery and find your package’s current whereabouts with the quick and simple tracking tool. Simply enter your order number in our free parcel tracking tool below:

Enter Your TikTok Order Tracking Number:

Can't find your P2G reference number? Entering your TikTok tracking reference will also work. You can find these on your confirmation email sent at the time of booking. Looking to send more parcels with TikTok? Check out our TikTok Smart Send shipping tool to send parcels quickly and easily.

International & UK TikTok Tracking

Experience seamless tracking for your TikTok Shop's global shipping services with Parcel2Go! Whether you're placing orders within the UK or internationally, Parcel2Go offers free parcel tracking services for up-to-the-minute updates on your deliveries. Stay in the know and enjoy a smooth shopping experience with Parcel2Go's reliable tracking for all your TikTok orders.

How to track your TikTok parcel

To get an update on your order, simply enter your order tracking number into our tracking tool above to get an update on your parcel's status. If you bought an item from a TikTok Shop seller, simply request the tracking number from them and paste it in the tool above. TikTok does not currently include order tracking as standard in the app. If you are a seller, keep your customers happy by sharing your tracking number so they can be kept updated on their order. When you book through Parcel2Go, you will receive a tracking number to quickly find your order and dispatch information. 

TikTok Global Shipping Services

When you make a purchase on TikTok from a seller or merchant, your order will be shipped using a third-party courier, as TikTok currently does not provide delivery services. If you need shipping services for your TikTok shop business and items, then head to our TikTok Global Shipping page to quickly and easily book courier services. Our Quick Quote tool allows you to easily compare prices to find cheap shipping and services such as next day delivery, along with sending multiple parcels. We also offer Smart Send, a business shipping solution for regular parcel senders so you can always get the best deals! 

By booking with Parcel2Go you also get...

...a Lowest Price Guarantee on deliveries to Europe and the UK
...a wider range of courier quotes than anyone else parcel tracking across all our services