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There have been plenty of families who have moved abroad and so if you have relatives who have moved to their place in the sun in Palma, you may need to send important items, birthday presents or personal documents to these family members living abroad. In order for these items to arrive safely you will want to make sure that you use the right parcel delivery service that can ensure a quick and safe delivery.
Parcel2Go has plenty of parcel delivery services from leading parcel couriers such as TNT, Fed Ex and UPS, all of whom are more than capable for your Parcel to Palma de Mallorca needs. Each delivery is given a unique tracking code that when entered on to our website you can find exactly where your parcel is and when it has been delivered complete with electronic proof of delivery.
Parcels can be collected at your convenience at your home or place of work to save an inconvenient trip to the post office which not all people are able to do.
Mallorca (Majorca) is one of the most popular of the Mediterranean islands for tourists from the UK to visit, it is also a popular destination for many UK retirees and families looking to emigrate to somewhere with a nicer climate than here in the Britain.
The island’s capital Palma is a familiar type of Mediterranean city that is based around the port but has spread to become a key attraction with its impressive churches and cathedral as well as the other architecture that line the streets of Palma as well as the impressive beaches that many UK tourists crave at Playa de Palma.
If you have any questions about parcel delivery to Palma de Mallorca then contact our helpful customer care staff to help answer your questions and guide you through the parcel delivery ordering process.

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