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The Gold Coast is a city in the Australian state of Queensland. It is the second most populous city in the state. It is also the most populous non-capital city in Australia. Gold Coast City is known for its sunny, humid subtropical climate, surfing beaches, waterways and canal systems, a skyline dominated by high-rise apartment buildings, a rainforest hinterland in the west of the city, its nightlife and its tourist attractions. The city consists of 35 miles of coastline, with some of the most popular surf breaks in Australia and the world.
People living in Gold Coast generally use Australia Post for sending parcels and mail.
It’s no hassle to send a parcel to Gold Coast if you use offers a convenient door-to-door parcel delivery service to Gold Coast using reliable couriers like TNT and FedEx. Your parcel will be collected by uniformed drivers in liveried vans, so you know who’s looking after your important consignment. keeps the cost of sending parcels to Gold Coast competitive. You can compare the prices for delivery services to Gold Coast easily using and you will get a price and description of exactly what each delivery service guarantees. Also, it’s usually cheaper than going direct to a courier’s own website.
When you are planning your parcel delivery to Gold Coast, remember that it is your responsibility to comply with the current government regulations applicable in Australia. Don't send dangerous or prohibited goods in your parcel to Gold Coast as you may be liable to prosecution! Some examples of the items which cannot be carried on any parcel delivery service to Gold Coast include aerosols, ammunition, alcoholic beverages, car batteries, cash, cheques, drugs, human remains, liquids, meat, lottery tickets, oil, passports, unfranked stamps, toilets, weapons, plants and animals. Any person sending a parcel to Gold Coast containing such an item may be subject to their order being cancelled without notice. Fortunately though, you can check a comprehensive list of prohibited items on the website.
When you send a parcel to Gold Coast, you need to be aware that it will be subject to a “volumetric weight calculation”, but don’t worry, this is not as difficult as it sounds! All you need to do is wrap up your parcel to Gold Coast and then measure its length, width and height, plus you need to weigh your parcel to Gold Coast, in kilos. Then you can use the simple “International Parcel Volume Calculator” on the website to determine the volume to weight ratio of your parcel. Just make sure you use the highest of the actual or “volumetric weight” of your package when getting your quote for your parcel delivery to Gold Coast.
It may seem obvious, but correct labelling of your parcel to Gold Coast is vital so here are some general tips. Type the destination address into the website carefully so there can be no mistake in reading the label. Ensure packages are labelled appropriately using the right labels like ‘Fragile’ as these will help to ensure your parcel is handled with care by the courier to Gold Coast. Also, it’s best to avoid attaching your shipping label over any seams in the parcel because this can cause the barcode to distort and it won’t be easy for the scanners to read it, which means your courier to Gold Coast will encounter difficulties processing your precious package. After all, you don’t want your parcel to Gold Coast to be delayed!

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