Why Do Our Customers Love Smart Send?

If you’re looking for the ultimate shipping solution for your e-commerce platforms, you’re in the right place. Whether you are a start-up or a successful business, you might be wondering how you can keep all your orders in one place to save time and ultimately be more successful. 

Luckily, we have the answer at Parcel2Go. We have created the ultimate shipping solution that our customers love. Smart Send has never been easier to use as it allows you to stay in control of your orders across multiple platforms, keeping everything in one place and it's completely free to use.

We’ve recently sat down with Dimitar who runs a small Self-Care business. We discussed how Smart Send has helped automate the delivery side of his business and what he would like to see from Smart Send in the future. 



Can you tell us more about your business and what your role is? 

I am the co-founder along with my partner who is an oil expert. We founded the business in October 2020. We sell aromatherapy, where we manufacture and sell via an online platform. Mostly via e-commerce but we are planning to expand into retail in the future.


How did you get into selling aromatherapy products?

We were passionate since we were young, extracting oils and playing with different aromas. With lockdown, we were able to gain extra time off work and were allowed to invest more time into it. My partner and I are experts in oil extracts.


How has Smart Send helped you to sell your products across the likes of Amazon, Etsy, NOTHS and Shopify?

It’s been really helpful, selling on different platforms can be difficult to manage, and as a small business, we don’t have the resources and time to explore. Smart Send has given us a free tool to be able to manage different online platforms.

One of the main reasons for using Parcel2Go is having the ability to have everything in one place, saving us a lot of time. Secondly, Parcel2Go, in general, offer competitive rates which are very useful for small businesses, allowing us to select from a range of different couriers and compare the costs. Cost and efficiency are how Smart Send has increased the number of parcels otherwise it would be very difficult to manage. 


What other products do you hope to sell in the future?

We hope to expand our product range to over 50 products and expand to existing aromatherapy. We want to introduce specific products for sleep such as pills, sprays and oils for the bath. 

Secondly, we want to launch a second brand in the skincare industry, which is an extension of the aromatherapy business with around 7-8 new products to launch. These products come from Bulgaria, Rose Valley where they transport rose oils. While this is not popular within the UK, we’ve seen an increase in sales. 


Selling your products across all three websites could potentially be hard work. What advice would you give to others about managing multiple websites?

Look for tools and options to simplify the workflow especially when it comes to a product-based business and have a range of over 50 products, shipping can be a problem so always look for options to simplify where you can.

Ensure you have a form of inventory management across different platforms, it’s easy to end up out of stock on one platform so Smart Send helps along the way and you know what is being shipped and you can control your stock.


Would you recommend Smart Send to other businesses and if so, why?

I would definitely recommend it.  It really saves us time and money. Having everything in one place, the rates are competitive and better than the courier rates. More efficient for small businesses and doesn’t have heavy data management. 


By now you should be familiar with how your business can benefit from using Smart Send. 

If you are an online business, Smart Send is a shipping solution that you need to be using to take your business to the next level. The days of manually writing or typing your addresses are gone and the time for Smart Send is here. 

With Smart Send, using your preferred couriers has never been easier, especially when you can choose from the most affordable postage costs to help you earn money even faster. 


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