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CSV Shipping Integration: Organised Shipping for Organised People

  • Upload multiple CSVs to keep all of your orders in one place
  • Group items together for easier shipping
  • Protect your items in bulk, up to the value of £10,000 each

Keeping track of all your orders and inventory can sometimes require expert Excel management.

After all that work, wouldn’t it be great to have an ecommerce shipping solution that can take your CSV files and use them so you don’t have to?

With Smart Send, you can import all of your orders from a CSV file ready for delivery to be booked in a click.

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CSV Shipping & Delivery Solution: Why Customers Love Using Smart Send for Parcel Deliveries

Get an ecommerce shipping solution that’s as organised as you are. Here’s what you’ll get when you upload a CSV file using SmartSend.

  • Import items and buyer details in seconds
  • Synchronise with eBay to automatically mark items as dispatched
  • Tweak, remove or bulk-edit your orders at any time
  • Access to a wider range of couriers than anywhere else
  • Get the UK's cheapest parcel delivery quotes
  • Easily resolve disputes with comprehensive parcel tracking features
  • Quickly download invoices and statements for all of your orders

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Who is Smart Send for?

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The Casual Sender

Only send a few parcels? Import your items for free to make selling as easy as possible.

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The Online Startup

Sending regularly? Save time by bulk-editing your imported items and book all of your orders with a click.

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The Power Seller

Making your living online? Manage all your channels from one place and even automate your bookings for maximum control.

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