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Send a parcel to Stoughton, Massachusetts with Parcel2Go, and you’ll save yourself a lot of shoe leather in the process!
Stoughton is a town of about 27,000 residents situated in Norfolk County, Massachusetts.
It takes its name from the chief judge at the infamous Salem witch trials, William Stoughton, and is situated roughly equidistant between Boston, Cape Cod and Providence, Rhode Island.
The town’s prosperity came from agriculture, although today it is best known as the United States’ equivalent of Northampton, England – a town famous primarily for its shoes.
The north Atlantic coast gives the town more than its share of winds and rain, but despite this, it has developed into a desirable location for businesses of many types, including manufacturing. The town is zoned into areas for specific types of business, which has helped ensure that development remains manageable, and impacts as little as possible on the residents’ quality of life.
The town covers just over 16 square miles, and is considered to offer a good balance between the vibrancy of city life, the more relaxed nature of a suburban community, and access to some of the north-eastern coastline’s most stunning scenery.
Stoughton was the first town in Massachusetts to be designated a ‘No place for hate’ community, reflecting the pride it takes in its ethnic diversity.
If you need to get parcels to this area in the heart of New England, enlist the help of us at Parcel2Go. We have substantial experience of working alongside many of the world’s leading parcel delivery companies, to offer a prompt and reliable service which gets your consignments to exactly where they are needed, for when you promise them.
With partners including FedEx, UPS, TNT and Nightline, we can find the right way to get your parcel to its destination, at the right price for you. This is because, thanks to our excellent working relationships with these companies, we have been able to negotiate parcel prices which are often cheaper than you would be offered by going direct.
Thanks to the latest technology, you can now track your parcel throughout its delivery, so whether the recipient is a valued business contact, or a far-flung family member, you can keep them posted on its progress.
Our Live Help team is always on hand to advise you on the best way of sending a parcel to Stoughton, or any other destination around the world, and we can arrange for it to be collected from your home or business premises at any time during normal working hours.
Sending a parcel is simple and hassle-free with Parcel2Go, and we aim to get your package to where it needs to go as quickly as possible – just as you promised!

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