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In America, early settlers were, understandably, drawn to make camp by the rivers. And on the north bank of the mighty Mississippi sits the city of St Paul, Minnesota - looking directly over at Minneapolis on the other bank. Known as the Twin Cities, these two form a metropolitan area with a population of more than 3,000,000, making it the 13th largest such area in the States. The current population of the city of St Paul must be very happy that the original name for a major part of the original settlement - Pig's Eye - was replaced by Father Lucien Galtier in the 1840s in honour of his most revered apostle.
So you want to send parcels to St Paul? We'd be absolutely delighted to take care of that for you. And the first benefit we can send in your general direction is to narrow your choice of methods down to one and one only: we would never send a parcel to St Paul by any other method than a proper courier. Others may wish to stick with old tradition, and we can only say good luck to them, but we say couriers are best. And we're the biggest online parcel company in the UK - so we like to think we know what we're talking about.
Want to try the US Post Office instead? You're welcome. We'll still be here when you decide that, on balance, you'd rather stick with a more reliable, fast, secure organisation instead.
FedEx and TNT fit the bill, perfectly, and we've got excellent relationships with them, among other carefully-chosen partners. There are a couple of things about those relationships which should matter to you. One is that because we know the companies so well, arranging a courier to St Paul will be an absolute doddle for you. No jargon, no acres of alternatives to wade through, nothing but absolutely clear choices. And the second is a question of price: we've negotiated as hard as we possibly can, so the cost of your parcel delivery to St Paul is as low as we can make it.
Anything left for you to do? Only a couple of things: address clearly, wrap securely. And that's it: your task to send a parcel to St Paul is complete.
Why send a parcel to St Paul with Parcel2Go?
• Like the security of big companies? You've got it.
• Like to pay as little as you can? Come on in.
• Like to take the easiest method possible? Look no further.
• Like to do things on the web exactly when it suits you? Job done.

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