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Once the fourth-largest city in America, St Louis Missouri is now the fifty-second - although we're sure its 350,000+ residents are still proud of the place. Built in 1764 just south of where the Mississippi and Missouri rivers meet, the city was founded by French traders (the clue's in the name). Astonishingly, St Louis and the surrounding land were briefly owned by the Spanish before ending up in the hands of Napoleon Bonaparte, who sold it to the United States in 1803. It was nicknamed the Gateway to the West as the country expanded in that direction and gradually immigration from Ireland, Italy, Germany, as well as the arrival of many African-Americans, turned St Louis into a cultural pot which, among other things, had a big impact on blues, ragtime and jazz.
Parcels to St Louis are best left in the hands of experts and, in our expert view here at Parcel2Go, that means a courier. That's because we believe that a parcel to St Louis should have the best possible chance of getting there, and the likes of FedEx, TNT and others get our vote every time. It's not that we don't think the US mail is a fine organisation with a great and honourable tradition, but a courier to St Louis is our first and only choice - our experience as the UK's largest online parcel delivery service makes it crystal clear.
Linking up with these big names in international deliveries has a couple of major benefits - benefits for you, rather than us. The first stems from an admission that the world of global couriers can be an immensely frustrating and complex one - a parcel delivery to St Louis should be easy, but left to their own devices couriers don't make it look that way. By cutting through all the jargon, and using all our knowledge to trim away the fat, we leave you with the bare essence: just the simple facts you need to know to make a choice. And that's what you'll find here on our website - along with some of the most fiercely-negotiated prices we can bring you.
What's left? Good wrapping and a clear address - that's your department. There's just no better way to send a parcel to St Louis - fact.
Why choose Parcel2Go for a parcel delivery to St Louis?
• With size comes confidence - and we're definitely big
• You could pay more - but with us, you don't
• Simplicity lies behind everything you see - easy choices every time
• We don't believe in 'closed' signs - we're always here whenever you want us

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