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The desirable city and metropolitan area of Rochester, New York, is the state’s third largest, with a population of more than 1 million, and has been voted the sixth ‘most livable city’ out of 379 American metropolitan areas. It also claims to offer the best quality of life of all such areas with a population of more than one million.
Once known as ‘The Young Lion of the West’, the city is recognised as having been America’s first ‘boomtown’, driven by its large number of nurseries which made it the centre of a thriving flower-growing business.
Since then, the city has seen the arrival of many more hi-tech businesses, such as film and camera manufacturer Eastman Kodak, and optical instruments-maker Bausch & Lomb, both of which employ substantial numbers of people in the Rochester area. The city is well-placed for international trade, with a port sited on Lake Ontario and linked through the St Lawrence Seaway to the Atlantic Ocean.
Doing business with companies in the Rochester area relies of having excellent communications, and to help your company achieve this, Parcel2Go offers reliable and efficient parcel delivery services to the heart of the Rochester area.
Using some of the world’s foremost courier services, including the likes of UPS, FedEx and TNT, Parcel2Go can keep you and your business connected with friends, family and business contacts in the Rochester area with our excellent-quality and reasonably priced worldwide shipping facility. Whether you are sending a precious parcel to a family member or friend, or need fast, reliable delivery of large industrial components, Parcel2Go can offer a range of services which suit your individual needs at great prices.
With online tracking of all worldwide parcel deliveries available, all you have to do is specify a time for collection of your package, and you can then monitor its progress right through to its destination, if necessary right down to the receipt of a signature to confirm its safe arrival.
For answers to any questions about express delivery or parcel prices, contact a member of our Live Help team. They will be able to guide you through the process of sending your package, and answer any questions you may have.

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