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There are a little over 300,000 citizens of America who call Riverside, California home. The city lies 60 miles east of Los Angeles and 12 miles south-west of San Bernadino. The actual name of the river belongs to another place, so residents here settled for calling theirs after the settlement's location on the banks of the Santa Ana river. It was entirely due to the influence of investors from England (and some say Canada) that the first golf course and polo ground in Southern California were built in Riverside.
And when you're sending parcels to Riverside, you'd do well to give in to an English influence yourself and rely on us here at Parcel2Go to do the job for you. And the very first thing you'll learn about us is that we heartily recommend that your parcel to Riverside gets there in the capable hands of a courier. We're absolutely sure the valiant US Post Office has its place - but a courier to Riverside is a better bet by far.
Luckily, we have excellent contacts among the big courier companies like TNT and FedEx, which makes our life an awful lot easier. And while we realise you're not interested in what helps us, you'll be intrigued to hear that our relationships with these companies help you too when you want a courier to Riverside. That's principally because our connections - which are one of the things which have helped us to become the UK's biggest online parcel company by far - have allowed us to negotiate some first-class discounts. You could pay more, and even going direct to the couriers might cost you dear - but why would you?
Our close ties to the couriers themselves also mean that you don't have to fret about the complications of organising your parcel to delivery to Riverside: we've taken away all the chaos and confusion to make your choices absolutely clear and simple.
Clear and simple also best describes the way you should address your package. And if you understand that to send a parcel to Riverside is a several thousand-mile trip, we're sure you'll wrap it up like a pro.
Why send parcels to Riverside with Parcel2Go?
• We're large enough to make a big difference
• We've squeezed prices to the bone
• We've made everything absolutely foolproof to arrange
• We're here on the web whenever it suits you

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