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A lot of UK residents have moved to the USA for work or emigrating for a different experience and so many family members still here in the UK may find they need to send birthday or Christmas presents over the Atlantic to New York and here at Parcel2Go that process is incredibly simple and secure.
Many people will want to send a parcel but have reservations over postal delays and lost parcel stories in the media but Parcel2Go use only the most respected and experienced parcel couriers to send parcels all over the world. By using reputable couriers like UPS and FedEx you can rest assured your parcel is in good hands.
To keep an eye on the progress of your delivery there is a unique tracking code attributed to each and every parcel sent with Parcel2Go’s couriers which when entered on the website can show exactly where the parcel is and when it has been delivered successfully thanks to an electronic proof of delivery service to make sure the right person got the parcel on time.
New York is one the busiest and biggest cities in the world, with thousands of tourists visiting the Big Apple every day the cities sights as well as shops and restaurants are always busy with plenty of people coming back not just once but many times. Despite its popularity and name New York City isn’t the capital of New York State (which is Albany) but it is certainly the most popular and most prosperous in all of North America.
If you have any questions about sending a parcel to New York or courier companies and documentation you may have to fill out then please contact our live help team to get the answers you need for your parcel delivery New York needs.

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