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If you're looking for America's City of Lakes, look no further than Minneapolis, Minnesota - it's got more than twenty lakes and wetlands areas and, if that's not enough water for you, the city sits astride the mighty Mississippi. The Dakota Sioux had these lands all to themselves until the French arrived in the 1680s, and today nearly 400,000 people call the Minneapolis home. And to find the right one when you're sending parcels to Minneapolis, you simply can't do better than call on us here at Parcel2Go.
We've been around long enough, and grown big enough, to become by far the largest online delivery service in the UK. And in doing so, we've built up some strong links with courier companies like TNT and FedEx. We don't believe that plain posting is good enough for the thousands of miles a parcel to Minneapolis will have to travel - for this kind of job, only a courier will do. It's safer, it's quicker, it's traceable - on every count, it's the best option.
Once upon a time, organising your courier to Minneapolis would have been a nightmare - still is, if you try to wade through all the confusion of complexity of what all the different companies have to offer. But our tie-ups with the big names mean that we've been able to slim all that down to give you very clear and simple choices. Have a quick flick through the site and you'll see. And if you happen to have taken the trouble to do a comparison, you'll also see that our prices are extremely competitive. Which means that for an easy life and the best prices for a parcel delivery to Minneapolis, Parcel2Go is the first and only place to turn to.
Of course, there's still a couple of things that we can't take care of for you. The wrapping, for example, is in your hands, and you'd be surprised how many people get it wrong. Wrap well, fragile things need extra padding, tape securely - that's all there is to it. And finally, two words for the address, big and bold. Send a parcel to Minneapolis our way, and the job's as good as done.
Why send a parcel to Minneapolis with Parcel2Go?
• As the biggest online parcel company in the UK, your stuff is safe in our hands
• Part of being big is the power to negotiate - we've got big discounts for you
• We believe that sending parcels isn't rocket science -it's as easy as can be
• We don't have office hours - we have 24/7 website opening

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