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In 1920, when America was still relatively young, the population in Miami's' metropolitan area was 20,000, give or take a few. Today, it's hovering around the five-and-a-half million mark, with over 300,000 living in the city itself. In the US, only the New York, Los Angeles and Chicago areas are bigger. Tracking someone down in a place that big is a hell of a job. All the more reason to call on Parcel2Go - this is a job for the real professionals.
As the largest online parcel delivery service in the UK, we've got one word for people sending parcels to Miami: courier. Not the genial, jovial, hard-working postman, but a bona fide, uniform-wearing full-time courier - like TNT or FedEx. We've built up steady links with companies like these over the years, and we can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that, short of you getting on a plane yourself, a parcel to Miami is better off in their hands than anyone else's.
A major part of our relationships with these huge, global networks is that we've made choosing the right delivery really, really easy - a few clicks round this website will show you just how simple we've made things. No worrying jargon, no confusing choice of times and tariffs and weights and so on. And another benefit of our tie-ups with these companies is the discounts we've negotiated. So your courier to Miami will get there for less - less, in fact, than going straight to the couriers themselves would cost you.
Of course, you have to play your part in making sure that your parcel delivery to Miami hasn't suffered in transit. It's only common sense, really, but all we ask is that you wrap well - and pad well if there's anything breakable involved - and take a little time to make sure the address is as clear as it can possibly be. Choose Parcel2Go - and send a parcel to Miami with total confidence every time.
Why send parcels to Miami with Parcel2Go?
• We got to be this big by getting things right
• We've negotiated some valuable discounts for you
• We've make our website as simple as can be
• We're always here when you are - every hour of the day

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