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200 miles north of Los Angeles and 190 miles south of Sacramento you'll find Fresno - the Spanish word for the ash tree, a leaf of which you'll find on the city flag. In common with many US cities, this one has a population hovering around the half-a-million mark - and if you're aiming to get some parcels to Fresno, you need Parcel2Go to home in on the individual you're looking for.
Our choice for an international delivery, first, last and always, is a courier. A parcel to Fresno couldn't be in safer hands, and there's a smooth and streamlined service in place to ensure swift, hassle-free transportation. Would we recommend the ordinary postal service? No we wouldn't. Have you we got good reasons for our stance? Yes we have - and believe us, we know what we're talking about.
We've grown to become the UK's biggest online parcel delivery service, and we've learnt a thing or two on the way. One is that a courier to Fresno beats postie hands down for speed and security. But it won't cost you a fortune. That's because, thanks to our relationships with the vast networks of TNT, FedEx and the like, we've managed to negotiate some significant discounts. Of course, you could go to the courier companies direct - but once you realise that, amazingly enough, our prices are actually lower than theirs, we think you'll be back.
What's more, when you arrange a parcel delivery to Fresno with Parcel2Go, we've already waded through all the possible variations and permutations and international delivery jargon to make finding precisely the option you want an absolute doddle. Give us a try - we promise it won't hurt.
What might give you slight twinge of pain is if you fail to fulfil your side of the bargain: the packing. Protect sharp edges, pad what needs to be padded, wrap the whole thing very carefully and generally act as if to send a parcel to Fresno is to despatch it on a journey of several thousand miles - which is, in fact exactly what you are doing.
And don't forget: address labels badly written in teeny tiny letters do nobody any favours. Be confident and proud, write it big, clear and loud - you won't regret it.
Why arrange a parcel delivery to Fresno with Parcel2Go?
· Who's the UK's biggest online parcel delivery company? We are
· Who negotiates some fantastic discounts on prices? We do
· Who's made sorting out payment and despatch as easy as pie? We have
· Who can deal with your parcel needs any time, day or night? We can

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