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Sending a parcel to Edison in the United States of America may seem like a tall order for some people here in the UK but with the help of Parcel2Go you’ll be able to get the service you need and ensure that your parcel gets delivered on time and in one piece.
Edison in New Jersey named after the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison is known as the Birthplace of the Modern World as Edison invented a number of his famous creations here such as the phonograph and incandescent light bulb here. In 2000 a census found Edison to be one of the fastest growing towns in New Jersey, not surprising as Money Magazine voted it number 2 in the best places to live in New Jersey and 35th in the whole of the United States.
Sending a parcel overseas is often thought of as being a long and arduous process, the worry that parcels could go missing or take a significant time to arrive can put many people off the thought of sending a parcel. Chances are if you have decided to send a parcel overseas then it will be with good reason and so in order to ensure its safe delivery and that you aren’t worrying about your order you should make sure you use experienced parcel couriers.
With experienced couriers and parcel delivery specialists such as Parcelforce, TNT and FedEx available as well as many others you have the best range of choice available to you when you visit Our experience and range of services on offer has seen us become the leading parcel delivery service on the internet and with leading standards and a dedication to customer satisfaction it isn’t hard to see how we got here.
With convenient collections of your order from either your home or place of work and online tracking of all parcels sent via Parcel2Go you can find your parcel wherever it s in the world at any point. When sending parcels internationally this can be a big reassurance that your parcel will arrive safely and in a short space of time.

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