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As befits a city named after one of the foremost explorers the world has known, businesses in Columbus have a pioneering spirit which is also reflected in the quality of the parcel delivery and courier services offered by Parcel2Go.
Columbus is the United States’ 16th largest city, with a population of more than three-quarters of a million. This makes it the country’s third most populous state capital, with a population that has grown, decade on decade, for the last 160 years.
Its reputation as a centre for innovation was sealed by ‘The Columbus Experiment’ of 1908, when it became home to the world’s first water plant fitted with equipment for the filtration and softening of its supply. This equipment was devised by Clarence and Charles Hoover, and is still largely in use. The diversity of its economy led to Columbus being ranked the seventh best place in the United States to operate a business, and it was placed third overall in a list of ‘cities of the future’, compiled in 2007. Like many other American cities, its skyline is dominated by modern structures, but its environment has also been enhanced by the development of the Scioto Mile, a parkland area stretching along the banks of the Ohio River which has been a catalyst for other business and residential developments. If you run a business which has links with partners in Columbus, you will appreciate the benefits which using a reliable, speedy parcel delivery service can offer.
Like Columbus itself, Parcel2Go is developing a reputation for innovation and excellence, and this has helped make it the UK’s fastest-growing online parcel delivery company.
We have excellent business relationships with the major players in the Columbus courier service sector, including the likes of FedEx, UPS and TNT, and we use these to your advantage in negotiating prices and terms for shipping to Columbus which are often cheaper than you could get by dealing with these companies direct for your express delivery needs.
So if you’re looking for great rates on Columbus parcel delivery check out Parcel2Go. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of advisers is ready to take your call and advise you on the best, most reliable and cost-effective way to get your parcel to Columbus.

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