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America may claim Colorado Springs as its own but, shortly after its foundation in 1871, it became known as Little London, because so many English people visited. Tourists still flock here, partly due to the city's position at the base of the Rocky Mountains and the multitude of trails and parks. Colorado Springs' economy is split between the military - there are both army and air force bases here - defence companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin and high-tech manufacturing and complex electronic equipment businesses.
There are over 300,000 people housed here, so if you're sending parcels to Colorado Springs, you'd better make sure they stand the best chance of getting there. At Parcel2Go, much as we appreciate the work of the men and women of the US Postal Service, we couldn't in all honesty recommend them. We'd choose a courier first, last and always. That's how we got to be the UK's biggest online parcel delivery service, so we must be doing something right.
If you were asked, you'd probably be able to pick two names off the top of your head in the courier business: TNT and FedEx. We've built up first-class relationships with them, and others, to make your life as easy as it could possibly be. To send a parcel to Colorado Springs off your own bat, you'd have to wade through a mass of confusing, contradictory and deeply tedious information - and to be quite frank, life's too short. So we've picked through the companies' info for you to leave you only with absolutely clear, extremely concise, practical choices. And don't worry: there isn't a premium to be paid for this level of service - we've also made sure that the prices we negotiate to send a courier to Colorado Springs are as low as we can get them.
Anything else you need to know to make sure your parcel delivery to Colorado Springs goes without a hitch? Only two things. Wrap everything up extremely well, padding is you need to. And make the address readable at a glance - when you send a parcel to Colorado Springs you don't want it to end up in Colorado City.
Why send a courier to Colorado Springs with Parcel2Go?
• Pick a big company and you can't go wrong
• Our discounted prices mean you don't have to pay more
• We believe in simplicity - and you'll thank us for it
• The wonder of the web means we're here whenever you need us

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