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Most of the populated areas of America in the early days were found at the coast, understandably. Cincinnati was, in the early 1800s, the only city in the heartland to challenge the wealth of those coastal centres in size and wealth. Called Losantiville when it was founded in 1788, Cincinnati was given its current name by the Governor of the North West territories in 1790. In 1837 William Procter, a candlemaker, and James Gamble, a soapmaker, started a company in Cincinnati which still provides a major part of the world's soap suds today. And in 1853, on a completely unrelated note, the city established the first full-time paid fire department in the United States - the first in the world to use steam fire engines.
Parcel2Go can make sending parcels to Cincinnati an absolute doddle, because over the many years which have seen us grow to become the UK's largest online parcel delivery service, we've found the magic word. And the magic word is 'courier'. Nothing else is as fast, efficient and secure. So we've built up excellent links with the biggest names in the courier business, including TNT, FedEx and others, to bring you the simplest possible way to get a parcel to Cincinnati.
We've done all the hard work of sorting and sifting through different tariffs and services and incomprehensible jargon to make arranging a courier to Cincinnati as simple as it could possibly be. And since simplicity itself is not enough to make sure you choose Parcel2Go first, last and always, we've sweetened the pill by throwing in some ferociously discounted prices. We think a parcel delivery to Cincinnati for less money is exactly what you're looking for.
Once we've done our bit, it's over to your for the finishing touches. By which we mean simply the wrapping and addressing. Our chosen couriers are as careful as can be, but you can understand that to send a parcel to Cincinnati is a journey of several thousand miles, so careful wrapping should be a given. And don't scrawl the address in tiny letters - give everyone a break and make the message large and clear.
Why send a courier to Cincinnati with Parcel2Go?
• Go for size - we're the biggest in our field
• Go for price - ours are discounted fiercely
• Go for simplicity - thanks to our easy-to-use website
• Go for convenience - we're always here, ready when you are

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