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One of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in America surrounds Atlanta, Georgia. Over half-a-million folks call the city their home - and maybe it's their comings and goings which make Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport what's claimed to be the world's busiest. Or perhaps they just want to live as closely as possible to the home of the USA's national drink: Coca-Cola, which has its headquarters here.
When it comes to sending parcels to Atlanta, there are several options open to you. But if you take our advice, here at Parcel2Go, you'll reject them all except the one which says 'use a courier'. It's safe. It's secure. It's speedy. And it doesn't suffer the same potential for delays and mis-posting as, let's say, the US Postal Service, just to pluck one example out of the air at random.
We've been at this courier business for quite a while now, long enough to build up good, solid, worthwhile links with the major companies - TNT and FedEx, to name but two. And this isn't just some cosy business-t-business link up which suits us and does nothing for you. There are some real benefits, as you'll see when you start clicking around on this site. Firstly, you'll find that selecting the right kind of service and tariff for sending your parcel to Atlanta is extremely easy. And secondly, the price you pay, thanks to our negotiated discounts, can actually be better than asking for a courier to Atlanta directly from the courier companies themselves.
But while all that's hunky-dory, there's still something we have to leave entirely to you - and that's the safe wrapping and addressing of your parcel. We can't stress enough how important secure wrapping is and, of course, protective padding if fragile items are involved. And while a parcel delivery to Atlanta can be organised quickly and easily, it could all go horribly wrong at the last minute if your addressing isn't absolutely clear and perfectly correct.
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