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In America, they say that everything in Texas is big. So it should come as no surprise that Arlington, with a healthy population of over 300,000, should only be the seventh biggest city in the state. It's the place to head for if you're looking for a particular kind of thrill, because it's home to the Six Flags Over Texas theme park. However, don't go to Arlington if you're a mass transit fan - it's the largest city in the world without a fixed bus route system.
Not that that should be your concern when you're sending parcels to Arlington. If you take our advice - and since we're the UK's largest online parcel company, we think you probably should - it won't be bus, bike, care or genial postman that makes your delivery: it will be a proper, grown-up, bona fide courier - the kind that come with names like FedEx. For speed, security and peace of mind, they, and the companies like them, just can't be beaten. Parcel to Arlington? No problem.
International courier delivery can be a terribly complicated and time-consuming business, but we've done everything we can to make that our problem, not yours. Our backroom boys have ploughed through a sea of extremely complex rules and regulations and exemptions and exceptions to leave you with the simplest of all possible choices - just the stuff you need to know. So you'll find it very easy to choose how and when you want to despatch your courier to Arlington. And you'll even find it easy to pay for - our strong links with the best courier companies allow us to negotiate some tip-top discounts.
Once you've chosen Parcel2Go, there are only two things left for you to do to make sure your parcel delivery to Arlington go without a hitch. Take a bit of extra care with your wrapping - your stuff's got a long way to go. And to make extra sure it gets there, make your address label crystal-clear.
Why make a parcel delivery to Arlington with Parcel2Go?
• We only got big by being good
• We make our prices as small as we can
• We've done the hard work: what's left for you is easy
• No closed doors and annoying office hours - it's all online

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