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Parcel2Go brings together the huge resources of the world’s best-known courier companies to ensure that our customers’ vital worldwide deliveries reach their destination on time. We can help you reach even the most remote destination with your express delivery, and Anoka, Minnesota is typical of the far-flung towns which we will help you reach.
Anoka is a major industrial centre, especially for the construction industry, 17 miles from the Minnesota state capital, Minneapolis. Most of the town’s residents are descended from northern European or Scandinavian families, who are obviously used to living in the type of colder climate found here. Average daytime temperatures in Anoka are below freezing for four months each year, but residents from German and Scandinavian stock are no doubt well acclimatised to such conditions!
The city had a long tradition of involvement in the logging industry, but its decline saw attempts made to attract other businesses, among them including footwear. The construction industry has since become the main employer, with about one in seven of the male population working in the sector. Sending a parcel to Anoka might test some courier companies, but Parcel2Go works alongside those with the huge resources which can ensure the maintenance of prompt and safe deliveries all year round. We have excellent working partnerships with the likes of FedEx, UPS and TNT, built up over a number of years. This means that we can negotiate parcel prices with these companies which are likely to be cheaper than you could obtain by dealing with them direct.
It’s quick and easy to arrange your express delivery through Parcel2Go online. Delivery can be organised for a time to suit you, from your home or business premises.
Once your delivery company has collected the consignment, you can follow its progress online through Parcel2Go’s parcel tracking service, which will flag up any problems or delays so that you can keep your recipient posted of its progress.
For extra peace of mind, we can arrange for a signature to be obtained to confirm receipt of your delivery, and notify you by email when this has been done, complete with a copy of that confirmation. Our friendly, experienced Live Help team is standing by to answer any questions you have about our home delivery or worldwide delivery services, and give you the peace of mind that, whatever your worldwide shipping needs, Parcel2Go has the means to deliver.

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