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In Albuquerque, residents enjoy clear blue skies and bright New Mexico sunshine for 310 days a year - small wonder it calls itself the hot-air ballooning capital of the world; conditions are perfect. One of the oldest cities in the USA, it blends together Native American, Latino and Hispanic residents amongst its 500,000+ population. Here, where the legendary Rio Grande flows through the metropolis, Parcel2Go is busy doing just what it says on the tin.
As by far biggest online parcel company in the UK, parcels to Albuquerque are all in a day's work for us. And, in our considerable experience, delivery by courier is by far the safest, quickest way to get your goods to their destination. The national postal system has over 250m Americans to deal with on a daily basis. So many people, so many chances for a parcel to Albuquerque to slip through the net and disappear forever.
But a courier to Albuquerque - especially a service from the major players like FedEx and TNT - proves more reliable time and time again. These are the very big-name, worldwide companies that we've built our business alongside, and, as a result, we know them very well. That means you can forget the bother of website searching and quote comparisons: we've got rid of the jargon and confusion to give you easy-to-understand choices - and, equally importantly, the best prices.
These aren't the costs that you'd find if you went direct. They're much, much cheaper.
So if you're looking for the best value, as well as the best service, arrange your parcel delivery to Albuquerque the Parcel2Go way.
All that's need from you is little effort to let the courier company do the best they can. If your parcel contents are awkwardly shaped with sharp edges, pad them. If they're fragile, get busy with the foam or bubble wrap. If they're loose, put them in a bag in a bag in a bag.
And when it comes to the label, pretend you're about to send a parcel to Albuquerque via a seven-year-old child. Write in big, clear letters so there's no mistaking who it's for and where they're at.
Why send parcels to Albuquerque with Parcel2Go?
• Because of the confidence you feel using a big UK company
• Because of the savings you can make with our big discounts
• Because we make arranging your parcel despatch very, very easy
• Because you can deal with us online - no queues, no hassle

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