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Alameda, or California’s ‘Silicon Island’, doesn’t just rely on new technology for its communications. There is also high demand for good-quality parcel delivery and courier services to help keep these dynamic businesses on top of their game. And whenever you need to arrange an Alameda parcel delivery, from anywhere in the world, you need a reliable and expert courier service which can deliver all this for you – and more.
Parcel2Go is a large, fast-growing online parcel delivery service which puts the know-how and experience of the world’s longest-established and best-known courier services at your disposal. Whether you’re based in downtown Alameda, on one of its numerous business parks, or in the exciting new neighborhoods growing up around Alameda Point, it’s great to know that Parcel2Go plugs your business in to the worldwide networks of the likes of UPS, TNT and FedEx, and can get these big names on your side when you have packages which need to be delivered quickly.
As a result of the region’s heavy involvement in high-tech industries, Alameda’s population of 74,400 (as at January 2006) is relatively prosperous. It annual spend on major consumer goods includes:
US$230million on grocery/drugs
$50million?on clothing$17million on home improvements
$11million on footwear, and
$6million on home appliances.
Its population is well educated – 65 per cent attended college – and the workforce of more than 38,000 generally works in high-ranking jobs – 40 per cent have executive, managerial and technical roles.
There is a very efficient Alameda courier service, helped greatly by its proximity to Oakland International Airport, which is right next to the region.
Culturally, the area’s proximity to San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley means that it has a diverse creative community. If you need a fast Alameda parcel delivery, Parcel2Go can help. So to find great rates for shipping to Alameda, contact a member of our friendly and experienced help team today, and they’ll plug you in to this wired community.

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