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Down in southern Germany lies the state of Baden-Württemburg, the capital of which is the 600,000 population city of Stuttgart, sixth largest metropolis in the country. Known informally as 'the cradle of the automobile, Stuttgart can trace its roots back as far as the first century when a Roman fort was sited here. Modern Stuttgart, history suggests, was founded around 950 AD. The city claims that both the motorbike and the four-wheeled car were invented here by Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz. Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and Porsche cars are all still produced here, and the Stuttgart saw the first prototypes of the Volkswagen Beetle. Stuttgart boasts two twins in the UK: Cardiff and St Helens.
If you're setting about the task of sending parcels to Stuttgart, make your first port of call Parcel2Go - the UK's largest online parcel delivery service. We've been sending items all over Europe for years and, in our well-considered opinion, a parcel to Stuttgart should be accompanied by a courier to Stuttgart. With no unexpected delays or industrial action to contend with, as there might be with the post offices, we reckon it's by far your best bet.
It's by no means easy to arrange, however, unless you know what you're doing - which is why we're here to help. Courier companies seem to take a perverse pleasure in making their tariffs confusing, their language impenetrable and their pricing a minefield. So we've stripped away all the unessential info to leave you with some plain and simple choices - we'll tell you all you need to know to make the decision that suits you.
And for good measure, we've stripped away some of the cost too. The prices you pay with Parcel2Go can be much, much less than you would have to stump up if you went direct to the courier companies themselves for a parcel delivery to Stuttgart.
Not that we've taken care of every single detail for you - the wrapping and addressing are your responsibility. We know that you'll have your sensible head on and wrap the package securely (don't forget padding if the contents are fragile) but you might forget to add the all-important PLZ - the postal guidance number, the German postcode. It's only five numbers, but it will tell your courier a great deal about where exactly he's headed for - that way, you can send a parcel to Stuttgart without worrying about a thing.

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