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Düsseldorf is one of the ten most populous cities in Germany and the capital of the state of Northern Rhine-Westphalia. You don't have to look far for the derivation of the name - this is where the tiny River Düssel flows into the mighty Rhine. Foodies coming here will be well advised to try the famous Altbier, a hoppy brew which translates roughly as old-style beer, and Heaven and Earth (Himmel und Äd) a mix of black pudding, stewed apples and mashed potatoes. Düsseldorf is an important centre of international finance and trade and a well-known location for fashion and trade fairs. It's also a popular spot for Rhenish carnival celebrations and 4.5 million people attend the Größtes Kirmes am Rhein funfair.
Sending parcels to Düsseldorf is a doddle and a breeze - or at least it is if you stick with us here at Parcel2Go. We've had a lot of experience in international parcel delivery - which is how we got to be the UK's largest online parcel delivery company - and we'd recommend a courier to Düsseldorf. Not the post offices - they're far too vulnerable to delays and industrial action.
Take a brief look at the vast array of courier companies there are to choose from and you could be forgiven for calling the whole thing off. They all seem to have a different rate of prices, they don't always use the same jargon to describe the same service and making a comparison is well nigh impossible when you're left to your own devices. But you're not on your own - we're here, and we've chucked away all the information you don't need to leave with clear and simple information which makes your choice easy. We make payment easy too - our prices are actually less, very often, than the companies themselves can offer for a parcel to Düsseldorf.
All that remains for you to do is wrap carefully - a parcel delivery to Düsseldorf is an overseas affair, after all - and add the all-important five-digit PLZ (postal guidance number). It tells your courier which area and postal district you desire so you can send a parcel to Düsseldorf without a care in the world.

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