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Cologne - or as you may have seen it, and the Germans call it, Köln - is one of the oldest cities in Germany, and the fourth-largest. Founded by the Romans in 38 BC, it takes its name from Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium, as they called it. The city is home to a famous cathedral, more than thirty museums and one of Europe's oldest universities. It also hosts the Cologne carnival, one of the biggest street festivals in Europe, which beings in November and ends on Ash Wednesday, when up to a million people are celebrating. Cologne was the birthplace Jacques Offenbach, who composed the music which is most popularly associated with the can-can.
If you take the advice of Parcel2Go as the UK's biggest parcel delivery company, and we think that's a very good idea, you'll send parcels to Cologne in the very safe and sure hands of a courier. Unlike the ordinary postal services, they're not subject to strikes and unexpected delays: a courier to Cologne is all-round safer bet.
Left to your own devices, you'd be forgiven for falling at the first hurdle once you glimpse the mind-boggling choice of courier companies vying for your business. Different ways to calculate payment, different jargon for the same thing, it's a confusing affair. But since you're not on your own, you're with us, you'll find that we've separated out and binned altogether all the extraneous information: all you'll see is a set of simple choices for sending a parcel to Cologne with the minimum of fuss. There'll be the minimum to pay too; we often drive our prices down to levels the courier companies themselves can't reach.
It just couldn't be easier: once you've picked the courier company you prefer, they'll pop by to collect your package whenever it suits you. Then your work is done and your parcel delivery to Cologne is as good as already there.
Common sense dictates that you will, of course, have wrapped your package extremely securely ready for the voyage. But what you may not realise, which is why we're telling you, is that it's essential to send a parcel to Cologne complete with the postal guidance number, or PLZ, written on it very clearly. It's just five numbers long, but those five numbers will keep your courier on track all the way.

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