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Nestling in south-west France, halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, lies the city of Toulouse. Home to the European aerospace industry, it's where you'll find the headquarters of the mighty Airbus (the assembly line of many of its Airbus variations is here too) as well as the Toulouse Space Centre, the largest in Europe. The city has been quite important for quite a while, however, having witnessed the foundation of one of Europe's oldest universities in 1229 - third in size after Paris and Lyon today. The 97,000 students are lucky enough to study in La Ville Rose (The Pink City) thanks to its distinctive brickwork, and even more fortunate to be able to sample the local delicacies: a herb stew, a bean and pork sausage and a cabbage soup with poultry.
If the business of your day is to send parcels to Toulouse, look no further - you're in exactly the right place here at Parcel2Go. That's because we make everything so simple, beginning with the best method of delivery: the good old French postal service, La Poste. Of course, you might have your own reasons for wanting a courier to Toulouse instead - and we make that an absolute doddle too.
One thing that keeps the French postie extremely happy - and, let's face it, that's entirely in your interest - is when you write the special 5-digit postal code nice and big on your parcel to Toulouse. You can see how much that helps once you know that the first two figures in this mysterious number stand for the département, and the last three for the commune (although, just to make things awkward, that all changes for Paris, Lyon and Marseilles).
Lastly, to make absolutely sure your parcel delivery to Toulouse goes without a hitch, wrap well and protect the contents to the best of your ability. Don't go overboard with your taping though - customs may want to have a little look.
Speaking of which, there are restrictions governing what you may or may not include when you send a parcel to Toulouse, so if you think there might be a problem: check.

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