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We say Rheims, but in France they call this city in the Champagne-Ardennes region Reims. Founded by the Gauls in 80 BC, it lies 80 miles to the north-east of Paris and became an important settlement in Roman times. When France still had kings, Rheims was the traditional centre for their coronation for their cathedral, think our Westminster Abbey. With Épernay and Ays, Rheims is a centre for champagne production with many of the top names - known as les grandes marques - having their headquarters here. Below the city lies a network of tunnels and caves carved from chalk, some dating back to Roman times, where the precious bottles of bubbly are stored. Sadly this isn't the case for the English town that Rheims is twinned with: Canterbury.
Sending a parcel to Rheims, or even a host of parcels to Rheims, is no problem whatsoever if you stick with a professional outfit. The UK's biggest online parcel delivery service is your best bet - and that's us here at Parcel2Go. If you take our advice, and we think you should, you'll send your despatch via the highly reliable people at La Poste which is, you won't be surprised to hear, the French postal service. Of course, if you have your own reasons for requiring a courier to Rheims instead, just say the word.
Either way, the secret weapon in your armoury is the postal code: five little number packed with vital information. The first two point to the département and the last three to the arrondissement, so you can see how essential it would be to get that right to make your parcel delivery to Rheims go swimmingly.
Wrapping it up properly will also help to avoid disappointment, but just in case customs fancy a look don't make it too Fort Knox-like.
And with customs in mind, be aware that when you send a parcel to Rheims, you must obey the rules on contents - if you're in any doubt, do please check.

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