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Where two rivers in France meet, the Ille and the Vilaine, sits the city of Rennes. The capital of the north-western région of Brittany, Rennes lies in the east. It was originally called Condate in the BC years (an old Celtic word meaning 'confluence', reflecting the joining of the two rivers) which became Condate Riedonum under Roman rule in the first century AD. The oldest known rennais, as the city's inhabitants are known, is Titus Flavius Postuminus, born between 79 and 81 AD, who took charge of public affairs in the region. Rennes makes a habit of linking with other cities across the globe in some thirteen countries and is twinned with Exeter and Cork.
If you've set yourself the task of sending parcels to Rennes, you'd probably like to call on the services of the UK's largest online parcel delivery service - and luckily, that's us here at Parcel2Go. We suggest you use the French postal service, La Poste, although if you prefer it, a courier to Rennes is simplicity itself to arrange too.
Whichever route you choose, a correctly-addressed parcel is an absolute must. Every detail makes a difference, but the vital factor is the five-figure postal code. Electing to dispense with letters completely, this number jumble nevertheless conveys essential information: the first two digits refer to the département and the final three to the arrondissement. In Pairs, Lyon and Marseille, that's not the case - but that won't affect your parcel to Rennes.
Wrapping for secure transit is of paramount importance, or your parcel delivery to Rennes could go horribly wrong. Don't be afraid to wrap robustly, but do show a little restraint when it comes to sticky tape - if customs need to take a peek inside, you don't want to make life difficult for them.
Nor do you want to provide a reason for stopping your delivery altogether. As in every country, there are rules about what is acceptable to be sent through the post so, if you're at all unsure, don't send a parcel to Rennes until you've double-checked.

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