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The premier city in France is Paris. At least, that's what its more than 2,000,000 inhabitants are absolutely certain to tell you, although it's fair to point out that much of the rest of the world will agree. Over 2,000 years of history as a significant French settlement have led to the city's position today as a world leader in culture and cuisine. Paris was named after the Gaulish tribe the Parisii, but it was called Lutetia Parisiorum by the Romans until being redubbed somewhere between 360 and 363 AD. Amongst the many famous nicknames it has attracted over the years, the most famous is La Ville-Lumiere (City of Lights) although local residents call it Paname.
Parcels to Paris are easily delivered, whether they're for business or personal purposes - and at Parcel2Go, we make it simplicity itself to arrange. Normally we would send out a parcel to Paris by the French postal service, La Poste, but if you prefer, we're happy to arrange a courier to Paris instead.
Either way, clear and correct addressing is essential. Every detail is important, but a parcel delivery to Paris relies especially heavily on you getting the essential five-digit postal code correct. The first two digits identify the departément while the last three denote the commune. Exceptions are made in big cities - Paris, Lyons and Marseille - where the last two numbers stand for the arrondissement.
And of course, you would only send a parcel to Paris if it was properly wrapped. Whether you a box, a large envelope or paper wrapping, adequate padding is always vital - especially for fragile items - so make full use of foam or bubble wrap. And it's a good idea to seal down edges and flaps.
Don't make too good a job of it however. French customs may want to inspect your parcel, so don't use excessive tape.
Finally, there are restrictions on things you can put in parcels to Paris, as there are in every country. If in doubt, always check.

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