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Soaking on the sun in the chi-chi south of France, Nice is the capital of the French Riviera (or the Côte d'Azur) and, with nearly 500,000 citizens, it's the fifth largest city in the country. There's evidence to suggest, according to some, that Nice is the site of one of the world's oldest human settlements. What is certain is that Greeks from Marseilles founded the forerunner of the modern city around 350 BC, calling it Nikaia after Nike - the goddess of victory and not the goddess of training shoes. Today, Nice is a major tourist destination, something we here in the UK may have started back in the 18th century when the mild climate attracted the nobility. Indeed, the main stretch beside the sea is still called the Promenade des Anglais - the Walk of the English.
Parcels to Nice take but a moment to arrange and are delivered speedily and safely - that's if you choose to despatch through Parcel2Go and, given that we're the UK's largest online parcel delivery service, why wouldn't you? We'd thoroughly recommend that you go with Postman Pierre, or La Poste to give it its official name - but if you've got your heart set on a courier to Nice, we can make that as easy as pie.
There's a secret to making the most of the fine offices of the French postal service, and it goes by the name of the postal code. After the name of the recipient, it's the most important part of the address. Unlike our own postcode, the Gallic version is a simple five-digit affair: the first two of which represent the département while the final three point to the correct commune. There's an exception for Paris, Lyon and Marseille - but since you're sending a parcel to Nice, that shouldn't concern you.
If there's one thing guaranteed to make the postie's heart sink, it's trying to make a parcel delivery to Nice that hasn't been properly wrapped. So keep things nice and secure, especially if there's something fragile involved - but keep a sensible eye on your enthusiasm for sticky tape: customs may want to check your contents.
As with every country, there are restrictions on what can go through the post and what isn't. So if you're in doubt about whether to send a parcel to Nice or not, double-check.

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