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Sitting happily at number six in the list of the largest cities in France is Nantes - situated on the River Loire just 50 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. It's the most important city in the old province of Brittany and got its name from the old Gaulish tribe the Namnetes, who founded a settlement here in 70 BC. A mere 14 years later, they were ousted by the Romans - occupation then becoming something of a habit as, over the next few centuries, Nantes was taken by the Saxons, the Franks, the Britons and the Normans. After an ignominious period as the slave trade capital of France, the city achieved a more respectable claim to fame when, in 1826, it launched a public omnibus system (believed by some to have been the world's first) an innovation shortly to be copied by Paris, London and New York.
Organising parcels to Nantes is the world of a mere moment when you choose a suitable professional organisation for the despatch - and may we humbly suggest that Parcel2Go, the UK's largest online parcel service, should be your first port of call. You may be surprised that we will heartily recommend the French postal service., La Poste, and not something more exotic, but experience tells us that they do an excellent job. Of course, if your heart's set on a courier to Nantes instead, we'll happily (and very efficiently) oblige.
One essential part of making sure your parcel to Nantes gets to the right doorstep is the little five-numeral addition to the last line of the address. This is the postal code, and its seemingly confusing jumble of digits is easily broken when we tell you that numbers 1-2 tell the postie which département is required and numbers 3-5 which commune. It's all different when Lyon, Paris or Marseilles are involved - but that needn't concern us now.
Two more things to make your parcel delivery to Nantes go swimmingly: wrap well - but not too well, customs might want to peek inside.
And be aware when you send a parcel to Nantes that some items are not allowed - so if you're not sure, check until you are.

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