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Way down in the south of France lies the region of Languedoc-Rousillon and its capital Montpellier - the eighth-largest city in the country, and one which has grown faster than any other over the last few decades. The settlement was originally called Monspessulanus, which either meant 'naked hill' or 'mount hill' - and the city is indeed built on two hills: Montpellier and Montpelliéret. Many places lay claim to having universities which are among the world's oldest, but Montpellier's, being able to trace its roots back as far as 1160, has good reason. One person at least must have predicted a bright future for himself for attending Montpellier University: Nostradamus was a student there in the 1500s.
If you're sending parcels to Montpellier, there are several avenues open to you - but you'll save yourself an awful lot of tedious running around if take the easiest one: call on the services of Parcel2Go. As the UK's biggest online parcel delivery service, we're in the best possible position to send your parcel to Montpellier on its way, and our advice is put yourself in the hands of La Poste, the French postal service. They're quick and efficient - although if you're absolutely wedded to the idea of despatching a courier to Montpellier instead, we'll organise that tout de suite.
The French postie on his bicyclette will thank you kindly of take the time and trouble to add the French postal code onto the last line of the address on your parcel. This mysterious 5-conundrum reveals itself to have a special meaning: the first two numbers refer to a particular département and the last three to an arrondissement. Simple. (Unless you're posting to Paris, Lyon or Marseille, in which case the number mean something else entirely.)
You'll also be doing Monsieur a favour if you take the time and trouble to wrap properly: your successful parcel delivery to Montpellier depends on it. Be sparing with the tape, however - Customs may want to take a look.
They're interested in those things which are forbidden to pass through the French post, so if you want to send a parcel to Montpellier without incident, and you're in any doubt, check before you post.

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