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Many of set our first foot on the soil of France at le Havre, a city in the Haute-Normandie region which sits conveniently on what we call the English Channel but the French call La Manche. The name simply means the port or the harbour, and was at one time Le Havre-de-Grâce (the harbour of grace) but before that rejoiced in the splendid name of Franciscopolis, after King Francis I who founded the city in 1517. Heavily bombed during the Second World War, Le Havre was extensively rebuilt in the modernist style and, in 2005, the city centre became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a rare accolade for contemporary architecture. The city is twinned, among other places, with Southampton.
Sending parcels to Le Havre is a cinch, a doddle and a breeze - as long as you take the sensible option and let us handle it for you here at Parcel2Go, the UK's biggest online parcel delivery service. In our view, you'll get fantastic service if you use the French post - called La Poste, just to keep things simple - although we're equally happy to organise a courier to Le Havre is that's what you prefer.
There's a knack to ensuring accurate delivery via the French postmen and postwomen, and that's the five-letter postal code that you should add to the bottom line of every address. It may look random, but in fact the first two letters signify the département and the last three refer to the arrondissement. It's different in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, however.
Naturally, you wouldn't dream of sending a parcel to Le Havre without paying due attention to the wrapping protocol: be it Jiffy bag or cardboard box or good old-fashioned brown paper, pad where required and wraps securely. But to make sure your parcel delivery to Le Havre doesn't meet an unexpected delay, be a little parsimonious with the tape - customs may want a look inside.
And to make absolutely sure you don't send a parcel to Le Havre that will breaks the rules (ever country's got them) double-check if you're in any doubt.

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