Track Your Parcel

Why customers love our eBay integration

There's more than one reason to start using our FREE eBay shipping tool. Here's what you'll get when you sign up.



  • Import items and buyer details with a single click
  • Synchronise with eBay to automatically mark items as dispatched
  • Tweak, remove or bulk-edit your orders at any time



  • Access to a wider range of couriers than anywhere else
  • Get the UK's cheapest parcel delivery quotes
  • Easily resolve disputes with comprehensive parcel tracking features
  • Quickly download invoices and statements for all of your orders

Suitable for anyone who sells items on eBay

"Great choice of couriers with affordable prices and an excellent bulk upload service with makes life so much easier"

Simply link an e-commerce account with your Parcel2Go account

1. Register with Parcel2Go

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2. Link an ecommerce account

  • Click "My Account" and go to "Uploaded Items" and follow the on-screen instructions to start pulling through sold items into the shipping tool.
  • No linked ecommerce account yet? You just need to link up your account, click approve and your sold items will be pulled through

    Link an ecommerce account

3. Send your sold items

  • Book the delivery service you need in just a few simple clicks
  • Or you can edit your list by going through and removing items you don't wish to send

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