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You can track your Magento parcel delivery and find your package’s current whereabouts with the quick and simple tracking tool. Simply enter your order number in our free parcel tracking tool below:
Can't find your P2G reference number? Entering your Instagram tracking reference will also work. You can find these on your confirmation email. Looking to send more parcels with Instagram? Check out our Instagram Smart Send shipping tool to send parcels.

International & UK Magento Tracking

How to track your Magento Parcel

To track your Magento parcel go to order details of your Admin Panel. After signing in, navigate to "Sales" and then "Orders". Select the specific order you're interested in. Within its details, there should be a "Shipments" section where you'll find a list of associated shipments, each with its corresponding tracking number. Please note that these steps could vary based on your Magento version and any customisations in your setup.

Our SmartSend service interlinks with Magento platforms, automating the parcel delivery process. Once integrated, SmartSend can pull in details of sold items directly from Magento, avoiding the need for manual data entry and simplifying Magento order tracking. Sellers have the ability to promptly compare courier quotes, settle on their desired service, and even make postage payments directly through SmartSend. This comprehensive approach to Magento delivery tracking assists sellers in maintaining seamless shipment management and enriching the customer experience. Moreover, avail free Magento tracking as standard when you book through Parcel2Go. Get acquainted with our Magento parcel delivery service.

Magento Order Tracking Steps

Magento parcel tracking typically goes through several stages from the moment an order is placed to when it's delivered. Here are the common steps:

  1. Order Confirmation: After a customer makes a purchase on a Magento-powered website, they'll receive an order confirmation. This email includes important details about the purchase, including the order number.

  2. Preparation for Dispatch: Once the order is confirmed, the seller prepares the items for shipping. This typically involves packaging the items securely and creating a shipping label, which includes the tracking number.

  3. Item Dispatched: The seller hands over the package to the shipping carrier, which could be any of the numerous carriers supported by Parcel2Go. The tracking system updates to show that the item has been dispatched.

  4. In Transit: This is the stage where the package is on its way to the customer. It might go through multiple steps such as leaving the initial shipping facility, arriving and departing from sorting centers, and being loaded onto delivery vehicles. The tracking system updates with each of these steps to give real-time information on the package's journey.

  5. Out for Delivery: This status is updated when the package is on the delivery vehicle and expected to arrive at the customer's address within the day.

  6. Delivered: This is the final stage, where the package is delivered to the customer's specified address. The tracking status will update to 'delivered', signaling the completion of the order.

  7. Failed/Attempted Delivery: If the carrier was unable to deliver the package for any reason, the tracking status might update to "attempted delivery" or "delivery failed". In this case, the package might be held at a local delivery center or post office, and a re-delivery might be scheduled.

By integrating Magento 1 and 2 with Parcel2Go's Smart Send platform, this process becomes even more streamlined and efficient, helping both customers and sellers track their orders in real time.

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