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Shipping Advice For Sending Car Parts By Courier

What are my collection and delivery options when using a car parts courier?

If you’re in the car parts industry and require a safe means of shipping vehicle accessories, then you may want to consider the services of a car parts courier. If you are a business or sell many car parts online, such as on eBay, then using our free shipping integration tool Smart Send is also a great option!

By selecting a reliable courier service to collect your car parts and deliver them safely to their destination, you are ensuring the parts arrive in the same condition they were sent. When considering a suitable car parts courier service, take into account the following:

  • Different types and sizes of car parts - how many car parts do you need to send? Various sizes will impact on costs as well as delivery times.

  • Package them securely - using a sturdy cardboard box is recommended, along with wrapping delicate parts with bubble wrap and packaging peanuts to fill any gaps to avoid vehicle parts moving around too much in transit.

  • Delivery options - Choose an appropriate delivery method – whether you require next-day delivery for your car parts, or if recorded delivery is important for your parcel to be signed for on arrival.

  • Prohibited items - Before dispatching any car parts or related components, check if they're allowed for shipping (you can view our list of prohibited items).

Convenient Pick Up and Drop Off Services

We offer many delivery service options, including parcel collection and drop off delivery. With many parcel pick up services and drop off locations near you, you can choose the most convenient option for you!

Small, Heavy and Large Parcels

Small or heavy parcels aren't a problem for our couriers - we can handle any non-prohibited items of many sizes, shapes and weight! Use our quick quote tool to find out more.

Free Parcel Tracking Included

We offer free parcel tracking with every delivery you book through Parcel2Go. When you book through our quick quote tool, parcel tracking is included as standard, so you can have peace of mind on where your parcel is on each step of its journey.

International Shipping

We also have international parcel delivery options for sending car parts abroad. Please check the prohibited items section and the country restrictions for more when booking online with Parcel2Go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to send car parts

To ship car parts, it’s recommended to clean and inspect the part for any residual fluids or sharp edges. Then, securely pack it in its original packaging. Opt for a reliable courier experienced in transporting automotive components using our quote tool and consider adding recorded delivery.

What is the best courier for car parts?

The best courier for shipping car parts often depends on the specific requirements of the shipment, such as the size and weight of the parts, the destination, speed of delivery, and budget.

If you want to find out which courier would be best for your furniture delivery, simply get a quote by using our price comparison tool. Please have your parcel dimensions and weight ready to get a price quickly and easily and compare all courier options.

How do you package a car part?

Start by cleaning the car part and checking for sharp edges. Use the original packaging if possible, or opt for a sturdy cardboard box. Wrap the part in bubble wrap for protection. For heavier or bulky parts like engines or gearboxes, consider pallet delivery.