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Millions of people outside America know Wichita as the home of Glen Campbell's Lineman, but to many others it's the Air Capital of the World. Airbus, Boeing, Learjet, Beeching and Cessna all have a presence here. The roots of the Rickenbacker Guitar Company and the ever-present Pizza Hut can be found in Wichita, a point of pride no doubt for the more than 370,000 people who live there now.
Any one of them could be the recipient of your parcels to Wichita, and you wouldn't want to let them down. So choose a responsible company to despatch you stuff through - by which we mean Parcel2Go, of course - and choose a reliable method of doing it, by which we mean a courier. All those big names like TNT and FedEx get our vote every time for reliable, safe and swift delivery. And we grew to be the UK's largest online parcel company by placing our trust in people like them, so we think our opinion's well worth listening too.
Sending a parcel to Wichita might sound simple, but the courier industry does its best to make it very, very complicated. There's a minefield of information out there to trip up and trap the unwary, and you can never be quite sure whether you've made the best decisions or not. Unless you come to us, of course, because we've stripped all the extraneous info away to leave you purely with the bald, plain facts. And once you've made your choice, you're given a bald, plain price which we hope you'll be pleasantly surprised at - we certainly put enough effort into negotiating our rates down as low as possible. How much value do we give you? Our prices for a courier to Wichita are often better than you could get if you went to the couriers direct - that's how much.
Which leaves only a couple of things to make your parcel delivery to Wichita go swimmingly. The way you write the address should have two major attributes: clarity and size. And you should be sticking your label onto something as well wrapped as the most sensible person you know would do it if you instructed them to send a parcel to Wichita on your behalf.
Why make a parcel delivery to Wichita with Parcel2Go?
• We're only as big as we are because we're as good as we are
• We try extremely hard to bring you great discounts all the time
• Using Parcel2Go couldn't be simpler
• We're here on the net whenever you need us - not closed in the evenings and at weekends

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