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The native people of America got there first, but there was no permanent American or European settlement in Tampa, Florida, until 1824. The first residents were the US Army, which built an outpost there, Fort Brooke. Among Tampa's claims to fame is that in the early twentieth century, it was a cigar-making centre of note. At its peak, in 1929, 500,000,000 smokes were rolled there. Nowadays, the city's economy is less exotic, being based on service, retail, finance, insurance and real estate.
To send your parcels to Tampa, you could let the venerable US Postal Service take responsibility and do the work. You could - but you really, really shouldn't. We're now the UK's biggest online parcel delivery company by far and, if you think that means something, you'd be well placed to take our advice on let a courier take your parcel to Tampa for you. Quicker, more secure, better for your peace of mind.
To get a courier to Tampa, you need a courier company - like FedEx or TNT, with both of whom we have first-class relationships. Buy why not go direct? Two reasons. Firstly, with the best will in the world, these guys do themselves no favours when it comes to customer-friendly operations. The jargon, the choice of tariffs, the different pricing structures, all this can be a real hassle to navigate your way through. Here on our website, however, we've reduced it to its bare bones to make your selection easy. And secondly, we've reduced the prices too, with some no-nonsense negotiation, to levels which are actually less than the courier companies themselves offer.
So your parcel delivery to Tampa couldn't be easier, and it couldn't cost you less. But it could all go horribly wrong if you don't stick to the two main rules of international deliveries: wrap it properly, address it perfectly. That's how to send a parcel to Tampa - the safe and easy way.
Why send a parcel to Tampa with Parcel2Go?
• Because we're the biggest UK company of its kind
• Because we've driven our costs right down
• Because we've made the process childishly simple
• Because we never close - we're here 24/7

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