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Guess what first got Oakland California on the map? That's right: oak. In America, they tell it like it is. The city soon added a port, shipyards and a thriving care industry to its plentiful timber resources - which were, in fact, the oak and redwood forests used in the 1800s to build San Francisco, a mere eight miles away. Let's toast this historical enterprise with the rum-based cocktail invented at Trader Vic's in the city during the 1940s: the Mai Tai.
If you want to organise the safe, sure and swift delivery of some parcels to Oakland, look at Parcel2Go first. We say first as if there will be more research left for you to do, but stick with us and there really is no need to go searching elsewhere. That is, of course, if you take our advice that a proper international courier service is the best way by far to get your parcel to Oakland. And since we've grown to become by far the largest UK online parcel delivery service, we think our advice is worth listening to.
We've established good, strong relationships with the major players in the courier world - FedEx and TNT, for example, just two that everyone has heard of - and, as a result, we've made life an awful lot easier for you than it otherwise might have been. A courier to Oakland can lead you down a confusing path of different tariffs and some hard-to-understand jargon but we've swept all that nonsense away to leave with you some crystal-clear choices - simple. And tying up with big-name couriers has meant that we've been able to negotiate discounts that make the damage to your bank account a fraction of what it could be - even, strange as it may seem, if you went to the couriers direct.
So your parcel delivery to Oakland is simple to arrange and economical to pay for. All that's left to do is to wrap securely and address clearly - not forgetting the all-important zipcode - and that's that. Send a parcel to Oakland with Parcel2Go and you're guaranteed minimum fuss and a very happy recipient.
Why send a courier to Oakland with Parcel2Go?
• Size matters - and we're a big company with a great track record
• Price is important - and our negotiated discounts mean you pay less
• Simplicity is all - and we make life easy for you
• Office hours are a pain - but here on the net, we're open 24/7

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